A message from the owner:


Hello and welcome to the Upper Crust webpage.  Lots has happened in the last couple years and many have called looking for answers.  Hopefully, any questions you may have about the current state of Upper Crust Breads are about to be answered.


Upper Crust pumped out delicious baked goods in the Lake Oswego area for the last decade and a half.  In 2012 the owner, Alice Seeger, decided she wanted to move on from baking.  Despite not knowing Alice’s plans before this time, outcry about losing her wonderful products was widespread enough that I became aware of her closing down her store.


An agreement was struck and I became the proud owner of some incredible formulas.  I made a commitment to Alice that I would approach her breads with the same love and passion that she always had.  I would never compromise on process or ingredients.  My breads would be healthy and made entirely by human hands, not by machines.  I would strive to put people and my community above profits.


To ensure I continued to craft products at the highest of standards, I needed to reduce the product line.  Over the years, Upper Crust had grown organically and a diverse line of goods was developed.  I found it necessary to once again start small.  I wanted every product to have the attention it deserved.  I began with what I felt was the core of Upper Crust, soft crusted sliced breads.


I also reduced where the breads could be found, I simply did not have the resources to deliver to the large network of stores that Upper Crust could be found in at the end of 2012.  I chose to partner with stores I had fostered positive business relationships through my current job.  This means Upper Crust Breads can be found at the 5 local area Whole Foods, as well as Pastaworks SE, and City Market.  I find it exceptionally important to partner with stores that uphold similar beliefs to my own.


In the near future I hope to continue to launch more of Upper Crusts old product line.  I also hope to establish a retail location and continue to grow into more stores.  I thank everyone for their continued support.  I have been amazed and humbled by everyone’s love of Upper Crust Breads.  I hope to live up to customers expectations and I look forward to building long term relationships with new customers.


-Jared Lester


Lester Breads Dba Upper Crust Breads