About Us

Upper Crust Jared Image

Pictured is Jared at the Oregon coast with his two pugs, Chester and Betty.

Jared Lester is the sole owner and founder of Lester Breads Dba Upper Crust Breads.  He runs Lester Breads while working his full time day job at Pearl Bakery.  Pearl Bakery is a family business owned by his father and mother, Eric and Mary Lester.  Given this, Jared was around bakeries from a very young age and had the pleasure of working with some incredible bakers as he grew.

 Despite a growing passion for baking, Jared pursued an engineering degree at Oregon State University.   He had learnt from a young age that mankind had a responsibility to take care of the earth.  With the hopes of tackling some of the worlds problems, Jared’s focus of study was Renewable Energies in the field of Electrical Engineering.  During his studies Jared determined the most practical thing anyone could do to help the earth was to live responsibly and sustainably.  He decided nothing was more appropriate to achieve that goal than to heed the family calling.  He decided to start over everyday from scratch, to work through the night, to craft with his hands the staple of civilization… to bake bread.

Like any Portland child, Jared’s first loaves of sliced bread were fluffy, white and came with Trail Blazer cards.  Soft crusted sliced bread had to always be in his fridge.  But lately It was disappointing for Jared to look in his fridge and see foreign bakery breads.  His wife Alyson would remind him that “Pearl just doesn’t carry that style bread”.  In 2012 Jared stumbled upon an opportunity to have his own line of soft crusted sliced breads.  His father Eric says “it was always Jared’s dream to have his own breads”.  Jared wouldn’t argue the sentiment.  Jared describes making bread for the town he grew up in as, “like living in a fairytale.”